Big Fan of This - Spring 2016 semester kicks off

Reflections from students as they start off the semester!!

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Living and Learning Outside of Ecuador

A post from a Fall 2015 student on her reflections from Ecuador as she prepares for a new semester back home...

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a week in paradise... kind of

<p>Mmmm I’ve always loved the beach. </p>When we first stepped foot onto our place of lodging for the week, my breath nearly caught in my throat [...]

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the struggle is worth it [language learning part 2]

She was waving her hands, motioning for all the little kids to get in a line. They didn’t really understand [...]

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buckle up for the ride [language learning part 1]

<p>They say life is like a rollercoaster. </p>I see what they mean, but I never related much to this metaphor [...]

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A week in the Jungle

<p>There’s just something about the jungle. </p>Yes, the jungle [...]

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